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My School Bag

It’s not like the olden days!! We don’t have to carry lot of books to school on daily basis and loaded with lots of homework. Now the days have changed a lot. There is a change in the education system and this pandemic situation has brought lot of change in every walk of life. According to NEP, The school bag of a child should contain very less books. There are certain norms to be followed by every school, from pre-primary to Grade II there shouldn’t be any homework and the weight of the school bag should be approx. 2kg. The weight of grade X student should not exceed 5 Kg. Children are natural learners. They learn more when they are stress free and are in a conducive learning environment. Learning under pressure makes them anxious and lose interest in learning. Their day-to-day life experiences, voices, questions, etc., need to be given adequate space in the classroom and new learning needs to be built upon that. The policy recommends capping the maximum weight of the school bags at 10 per cent of the student’s weight. We can have some good practices to reduce the weight of the bag are

  • Notebooks and textbooks should be kept at the school by allotting every individual a shelf of their own.
  • Once in a week, use of weighing machine to check the weight of school bags.
  • Interact with the parents, regarding the school bag weight during the parent-teacher meetings.
  • There should be a clear mention in the time table which book to be used on what day.

We at GIS follow all these policies and we make sure that the students’ school bag always been monitored by the teachers, coordinators and head teachers.

Saradindu. K
Primary teacher