Spirit Animal Article by Diya - Grade 7 A

A spirit animal is any animal which a person most connect to. It can be any animal of which some traits match yours and you feel like the animal shares a special bond with you. Different people connect with different animals and the animal that I most connect with is an owl.

An owl has a lot of cool and unique features like intellect, moves at night (I'll explain why that's crucial for cleverness), its spirit of freedom, just to name a few. I connect with an owl because I am a very free and bold person. I like adventure and I also think in different ways. To me, an owl symbolizes a bold, smart and courageous bird who flies when all are asleep. In fact, many of the most creative and inspiring ideas I get is when I'm asleep or about to go bed. Owls are also keen observers. The way I relate this to myself is that if a person seems to be unhappy or disappointed even though they don't express it, I can somehow get how they're feeling. Owls hunt at night and, hence are nocturnal. It is scientifically said that if you're a night owl, you might tend to be more creative and smarter. Although I don't stay up for a super long time, I tend to be a little more creative and smarter. There are also many different species of owls and I think I relate to different features to all them, example: snowy owl, this is one of the sneaky owls on the list and their hunting skills and camouflage are perfect for their surrounding and I think that I'm a little sneaky sometimes as well... especially when it comes to harmless pranks. Owls are also good at maintaining a low-profiles since they wouldn't want their prey to see or hear them. I'm a person who can stay out of the spotlight and get my work done when needed. Owls are also dependent on the moonlight for hunting their prey and I can't see at all without light but if there's some small amount of light, I'll be able to make way through. Another thing that owls and I have in common is the fact that we are pretty calm in most situations.

These are some of the reasons why I fell an owl is my spirit animal and also are some traits which I often describe myself with.