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The Power of Women

Women are indeed the world's way of saying "Anything is possible" because they achieved many wondrous things despite having faced and still facing many unique problems. Few examples would be unequal job salaries, unequal opportunities, harsh words, restrictions that exist for absolutely no reason, etc. People know that so many women have been leading our country in various fields and have always been outstanding inspirations for everyone, yet some fail to see the dazzling light of feminism. Women Empowerment - Many women have to face disadvantages every day. So, it would be our duty to empower women for the ingenious future of our country. An African biologist named Wangari Maathai planted trees; not only for nature conservation but also for women empowerment. She won the Nobel Peace Prize, yet a scant number of people know her name. What's so peculiar about being a woman? - Being a woman is a true gift. Women are no less, maybe even better than most men. Men who think women are nothing compared to them are proven wrong each time. It is pride and society which have brought us to this thought that women are fragile, defenseless, always a 'damsel in distress'. Like, what's up with that? These discriminations and beliefs that women do nothing impeccable in life are lurking through our society today, even though people know that women are bold and influential leaders. How can we relieve the impediments related to women? - We have to bring about the voice that has been in women for several years. We can start by helping women see what they are capable of, then encouraging them to strive for the best. Discrimination stops when it is instantly proven wrong by those who face it.

Thank you!

By Diya 7A