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Director’s Cut

The “Director’s Cut” was a tentative exploration into the world of dramatics by students of class VI. Despite the constraints of time as the unit tests are on, students displayed a lot of interest and creativity - be it in script writing, narration and even in acting and stage setting . It was heart warming to see them working together on their little handmade props and the appropriate toys they exhibited on stage. The collaboration evinced was truly commendable!

We should encourage more of such activities as it brings out hidden talents of different kinds in the students and allows them to take on leadership roles. It gives them a platform to shed their inhibitions too !

The event was held in the basement auditorium. There were six teams selected for the finals - two from each section.

The first place was bagged by VIC who acted out the movie “Baby’s Day Out.

The second place went to VIB who enacted the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The third place was awarded again to VIB who enacted the movie “Zootopia

Kudos children ! Keep the good work going !

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