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Kolar Field Trip

An overnight trip to Avaniya Adventure Camp, Kolar was organised for the students of grade IX and X on 22nd and 23rd of November, 2017. It was a fun filled trip away from school and home where students had the opportunity to learn in a totally different environment. They learned to adjust themselves in the company of their colleagues and friends and also to live out off a suitcase, being on the move.

The most enjoyable parts of the trip were the adventure sports, campfire and trekking to Antharangange. The thrill of trekking and exploring the cave cannot be put into words. This expedition helped to bring the spirit of camaraderie and friendship to the fore.

The students were engaged and inspired like never before. They thoroughly enjoyed the world beyond the class room and they are already looking forward to their next trip.

The Kolar trip was absolutely amazing !

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