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Science Week Activity

GIS Annual Sports Day was conducted on 10th Nov at school ground for primary students and on 12th Nov at Avalahalli ground for middle/high school. Students from four houses actively took part in sports events and won medals and certificates in various categories. The overall championship went to Aspirant house.

Continuing with the fervor, on 27th February 2020 we teachers organized a visit to the labs in the school premises used by the higher classes. Children got to see the various labs that are used for different purposes- biology lab, chemistry lab and physics lab. The children were most fascinated to see the human skeleton, layers of a human ear and the microscope.

Culminating the science week on the 28th of February 2020, the students of grade 1 were given an EVS Quiz to enhance their knowledge and thinking capability. The quiz consisted of 20 questions which were multiple choice questions. Some questions were part of the chapters in their textbook and a few general science knowledge questions. The students of grade 1 and 2 visited the science exhibitions conducted by the students of grades 3 & 4 and vice versa.It was an enriching experience. Overall the science week activities were a success and the children enjoyed and had a fun .All the students enthusiastically participated and thoroughly enjoyed all the activities. Many thanks to all the parents for encouraging and supporting in all the activities conducted throughout the Science Week.

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