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Scratch Project

Our students of grade VI have learnt quite a bit of programming this year. The year started with learning to write algorithms and drawing flowcharts. It was important to learn how to give clear and appropriate instructions to the computer. We learnt this with the help of an activity where one of the team members was our 'blind folded robot' who was instructed by the others to locate an item hidden in the room. The team which took the shortest time to get this done from its robot was the winner.

The students soon progressed to writing simple programs in QBasic learning how to take input and use conditional statements.

The next phase was implementation and making real life connections through creating a game in Scratch - the very popular graphical programming language in our lab. Students created a Quiz game which gave them an opportunity to make use of the programming concepts of INPUT and IF statements learnt earlier, apart from other aspects like message passing between objects, event handling etc and also debugging their code. The best part of this exercise was the verification phase where they played the games created by their peers and suggested useful changes to each other.

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