Admissions Open for 2019 - 20

All students seeking admission to various classes are required to get their names registered for admission

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GIS has been established in 2004 by Gopalan Enterprises which has a long standing reputation of sincerity and commitment, in the field of property development, architectural work & organic farming.

The endeavour of reviving the age-old concept of education in a new ever evolving child friendly environment is spearheaded by a dedicated group of educators who believe, 'Helping young minds to realise their full potential is a creative challenge'.These educators enriched by a rich educational experience in various prestigious institutes, drive towards our Mission...

Principal's Message

Education today is no longer confined to the four walls of the classroom. All-round efforts is being made to provide qualitative, value-based...

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Parent Mobile app access

Parents can gain access to all the features of BOSSIN by downloading the “Its Visible Passenger” For Parents' App.

Android phones:

Apple phones :

Getting started with the App

  • Search for and download 'Its Visible Passenger'
  • Enter mobile number registered with the school
  • Enter the one-time verification code to sign in
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Syllabus and TimeTable

Compulsory attendance for std X during this week
For the preparatory examination, parents may drop the students to school at 10 am in the morning or the students may use the bus facility at regular morning pickup time to reach school. Students can use the regular afternoon bus route for the drop back home. Read more

Students Speak

Today was a pretty exciting day for Maia. It was the day she was waiting for, a day to spend the whole Christmas vacation with her parents. Usually for a rich thirteen year old like Maia, vacations out of town or anywhere else wouldn't be that great, because they were common. But Maia's case was different. This was because her parents were so busy and occupied with their work that they hardly had any time to spend with their two daughters....Read more

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