Friends for life in schools

The “Friends for life in schools” concept is a school-based positive mental health programme that promotes emotional resilience and reduces anxiety in children and adolescents. The “Friends for life in schools” concept is evident yet not noticeable in all schools, colleges etc. Wherein children who join here in school play, learn, grow together and develop their careers and further develop into strong individuals, all aided by “friends groups”.

We all know that the school years are the best years to make friends in everyone’s life. Most of our time during your school years having fun with our friends, and our favorite teachers. We cherish the moments we spent in the school. Let’s look at some of the reasons why our school friends are friends for life. Let’s think the world of those moments and make our children know the value of friendship.

We grew up together-- Well, what can I say, we grew up together having each other’s Lunch, brawl with each other, cracking jokes on each other. Of course, bunking classes, done homework for each other, Marking Proxy attendance in the absence of our friends. Hahaha!! Beautiful memories!! All these memories and moments have defined and shaped us who we are today. We can always share our memories and moments with each other and share a laugh on that good old times.

Some more add-ons, our friends were with us through thick and thin. And when we’re ashamed by our teacher and always stood by us even when we failed in our exams. Our friends are always there with us when we're graduated from a best college and forever even after we have our family life.

Most absorbing point is friends never judge us for anything. We will always feel free around them and spilled our demons in front of them. Another Engrossing thing is we will be known by each other’s families and they treat us as their own. Their parents are like our second family and we did all sleepovers, and all kinds of advice & suggestions from their parents too. Amongst friends the likelihood of bullying, jeering, etc is usually non-existent. In fact, friend’s circles rule out bullying by anyone within or from outside the circle! It affords having someone to spend time with, someone who helps you and offers you consolation, decreases your chances of suffering from bullying. We will be forever grateful to them.

There are two factors which are the key influencing factors for this article. Firstly, Friends being more valued than relatives. This culture is in place since ages.

Secondly, the desire of children and even youth to cling or be in the company of friends more than own relatives. This trend is continuing and will continue forever. The positives of this “Friends for life in school” concept would be that children would share with friends and teachers which is an emotional outlet. Keep growing along with friends from very younger ages would facilitate the mutual growth and congruence of ideas, thoughts feelings. Graduate together, pursue higher studies and even commence a career together and be with each other even when get promoted in even and through families.

I think part of this blog on friends for life is not sufficient, but still, Parents, Just give it a thought, “shouldn’t our children also should follow the same thing as we did since our childhood”?

After reading this, Please go back to your good old times, memorize and connect with your old friends and please share our memories with our children and let everyone continue the same.

If you really feel like sharing your thoughts and feelings, Please do share with us also.