international school in Brookefields

The motivation behind the achievements

"If my mind can conceive it, my heart can hear it, I can achieve it - Jesse Jackson "- This quote precisely seems to be the motivation behind the achievements of the seventh-grader of the IGCSE Dept., Sohan C Talla. He is a valued member of the class not only because of his academic skills but his soft skills and behavior are no less commendable. His determination, discipline, and the urge to learn are bound to take him places. His performance in all the subject classes is worth appreciating. Not only academics, his inclination towards music and performing arts is also no hidden fact. - Off late, he has added another golden feather in his cap- the prestigious Olympiad Tests. Sohan scored 57/60 in the English Olympiad and has ranked 20th internationally. He has bagged the regional 17th and zonal 15th position. He has been awarded the Medal of Distinction as well as the Certificate of Distinction.

Way to go Sohan! May he achieve greater heights in the coming future and bring laurels to his family and school. - A child prodigy indeed!