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Environment Week Activity- Grade III and IV

Planting a sapling with children can mean so much more than just adding an attractive feature to our garden – it's an opportunity to 'put something back’ into the environment and encourage birds, insects and other creatures into your habitat.

On 12th June 2017, enthusiastic students of grade III and IV celebrated environment week by actively participating in the sapling plantation drive with the belief that every tree/plant that grows will take us towards a GREENER AND CLEANER EARTH. They planted various flower-bearing saplings within their school campus.

The aim of this activity was to make our students aware of the importance of trees to mankind and to the whole ecosystem. This activity also helped students to understand the causes of fast depletion of our natural resources. The students also participate in pre-planting activities that connects them to the benefits of trees (such as preparing the soil, collecting the seeds, adding manure etc.)

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