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Environment Week – Badge making activity – Grd III and IV

Environment Day is an annual event celebrated on June 5th, worldwide. On this day many events are held to demonstrate support for Environmental Protection all over the world. GIS also initiated this cause wherein numerous activities were held for an entire week focusing on Environmental issues.

Students of Grade III and IV very enthusiastically participated in making and coloring ‘Environment Day Badges’ as part of the Environment week activities. The aim of this activity was to sensitize the students towards the environment and bring about an awareness regarding conservation of environment. They coloured these badges with beautiful blue and green colors that symbolize the Water and Land on Earth. They also wrote slogans which emphasized on making the Earth a better place to live in. This activity was their small contribution towards a – GREENER, CLEANER AND PEACEFUL EARTH-their home , their planet.

They proudly wore these badges for a week. A special assembly was conducted on 13th of June by Grade IV - A students on “ENVIRONMENT DAY “pledging to take care of our Earth.

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