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The G Minors, the pop and soft rock band from Gopalan International School turned the heat up at the Phoenix mall with an amazing performance on the29th of July which also happened to be their 4th appearance at the main stage at this venue.

The G minors rocked the stage for 3hours straight without a break covering 32popular all time band hits such as G n R, Pink Floyd, CCR, Eric Clapton, Green Day, Amy Winehouse , Radiohead and many more.

Rakshit on lead ,Pranav and Likith on the rhythm guitar and Abihijith on the bass guitar where backed by Srinath and Srishti on the Keys and Varun and Iishan on the drums played with such maturity and confidence well beyond their years.

Strong vocal performances by Deepti,Jiya,Tanya ,Avanthika ,Akruthi and Arushi kept the crowd going crazy for more.

With the support of our Principal, Ms Madhu Narayan and Directors, music at GIS is in the forefront and the love and passion for music is spreading through all the students in school as these G Minors have been true rock stars leaving a huge impact on their fans.

Mr.Neville Dmonte, the music teacher and the G Minors have put in lots of early morning practice sessions to make this show onenot to be forgotten in a hurry.

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