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Hindi Recitation

Hindi Recitation Competition finals was held on the 11th August 2016 at the school auditorium. It was a vibrant atmosphere with children turning out in tricolor attire as it was also a day of Independence day celebrations.

The theme for the event was ' Mera Bharat Mahaan' . The judges for the competition were Ms Simi Vipin and Ms.Sameeksha Mehta.

The children enthusiastically participated and it was a challenge for the judges to decide the winners among them. It was amazing to see children in action displaying their profound knowledge of the theme supported by their expressions and body language.

The winners of the competition were:-

Grade III

I Place - Nikita Dhar
II Place - Pranit Mani , Sanskriti Pai
III Place - Shreya Shajkumar, Harini.S and Harsheel Praveen.

Grade IV

I Place - Saanvi Shukla, Harinandan Praveen
II Place - Ishitha Samantaray , Nandagovind Anurag.i
III Place - Vyom Singhal, Aushima Bagchi.

The event ended with an inspiring speech by our Respected Principal Madhu ma'am.

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