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72nd Independence Day celebrated at GIS Kundanahalli

Students of Gopalan International School were bubbling with energy and bursting with enthusiasm, as they celebrated the 72nd anniversary of our nation’s Independence.

The function began with the seeking of God’s blessings. The cultural program included action song, patriotic song, skit and dance sequences, speeches – all expressing the feeling of unity and secularism. There was a skit about the patriotic leader Bhagat Singh.

The children were all ears when the Principal, Mrs. Madhu Narayan explained the meaning of true freedom and stated that it meant the freedom to dream; to reach the highest goal and that we were lucky to be born in this great nation as each one of us could aspire to become the PM or the President, irrespective of caste, creed, wealth or religion.

Speaking on the occasion the principal encouraged students to work towards short time goals that would lead them to their long time goals and become worthy and responsible citizens of the country.

The function came to an end with the national anthem, followed by distribution of chocolates.

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