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Music Competition

The students of the rock band "The G Minors" representing the Gopalan International School took part in the recently concluded music competition COTTONS NXS which saw around 25 various school taking part. The Western Pop band lead by Tanya Shankar put up an amazing show along with her fellow musician and singers Deepti, Avanthika, Rakshit, Abhijith, Madhav,Likith and Rahul Arun which saw them bag the second position.

Our junior and senior rock bands put up a very professional performance on stage which saw them walk away with the 1st place in both categories.

The Rock band also put up a splendid show to secure the 3rd position with Srinath doing a splendid job on the lead vocals with Deepti Tanya and Jiya C on backing vocals.

The band members have put in a lot of effort to put up such a brilliant show at the highest level.

With the support of our Principal Ms. Madhu Narayan and under the watchful eye of the Music master Mr. Neville DMonte, these kids are going to be making headlines more often.

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