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Smart Teacher Hackathon

Gopalan International School sent three teams to participate in the Smart Teacher Hackathon organised by EdSense Karnataka.

The event was held on 25th April 2020. The teams were required to register into a website, the link of which had been shared. They had to collaborate with each other under the supervision of an external moderator on a Google Meeting Hangout and complete a set of 6 assignments.

It was an intense day of completely pushing all known boundaries and challenging the ‘comfort zone’ of the participants, and the tasks involved analysis of situations and generating plans for future educational projects based on such analysis. Tasks also involved getting feedback from students, and incorporating the same as evidence in their submissions.

As participants, candidates were pushed to stretch their abilities and perform in a totally new virtual environment: geographically sitting at their homes, but working at a furious pace: brainstorming, allocating and undertaking parts of a bigger whole, and performing as a team.

One of the teams (Team B23) comprising Ms. Eurekha Gonsalves, Ms. Sapna Mishra and Ms. Amrita C Paul has been placed in the Top 3 position out of 30 competing teams, and they will be part of the three teams from Karnataka representing the state in the National Level Hackathon shortly.

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