Testimony by Adrik, Student of Grade 7

Gopalan International School is the best school that I’ve been to. What I really liked about my school is that it gives a lot of importance to sports. They have a football field, a cricket field and a tennis field. They also have a building for gymnastics, T.T., etc. We have sports classes every 2 days a week. Our school also has a cricket team who has one many tournaments.

Another thing that I like about my school is that it has Chemistry, Biology and Physics labs. The labs help us get the practical sense of any science concept. Once every chapter, we get to go over to the labs and learn more deeply about any science subject. Afterwards, we write all about the visit in our practical record books so that we don’t forget the things that we learned there.

We also have an amazing music teacher, Neville Sir, who teaches us all about the wonders of music in the music room which has instruments of all kinds for us to try out and practice. Our school has a band named G Minors, who have won many contests. So, I can proudly say, that my school excels at music.

The teachers are also very good at teaching and we take away a lot of knowledge from every class. We also get homework every day to revise what we learnt in class. I am a proud Gisian.