Testimony from parents of Navya Kamath, Prep Grade

This is the first year in GIS for us and it was a great experience overall. Despite the lockdown n pandemic situation around, GIS has done a great job in adopting to virtual classes and in planning the work behind it to make it interesting for kids is very well appreciated and the transition to online teaching was so smooth for the kids.

Hats off to all the GIS staff and specially Manju ma on this. Great effort by Manju mam in teaching the lessons and new concepts in a way that kids can quickly understand. She tracked all the students so well and built a friendly environment for kids to interact with teacher as well as among themselves. I am sure it wasn't an easy task to handle the kids when you are constantly being monitored by all the parents.

Manju mam has been fantastic in making the virtual class lively and interactive. There is great focus on overall development as the children are busy with the academics and also extracurricular activities, despite being virtual this year. We are delighted to have chosen GIS for our daughter and would recommend anyone looking for a good school and a solid foundation for their kids.