international school in Brookefields

Dear Sir/Madam/Administration Team,

We thank each one of you, and Yes, its each and every individual - for helping us to nurture our child in the best possible way.

To start with –

“We used to go to school to see our friends and that was happiness. We used to wait for breaks. Our kids attend the class to have fun with teachers and friends. And guess what! They don’t want breaks”.

Administration Team Its only you and we know, that how Vedansh had smooth flow during this academic year.

Teachers -

Patiently smiling, with a calm voice, giving instructions and making sure its done without being authoritative – Sounds like a magic? Indeed, we have seen this magic! Not only us, but our relatives have also seen it, and wished ,their kids could be part of this family.

You too add family members, but yes, our children was given the priority.

You too wanted some peaceful sleep, but PPT was running at the back of your mind.

You too were hungry, but you never hurried for the class to finish.

You too were worried about many personal things, but you patiently heard to the concerns of the parents.

I am sure, every parents understand this. And somewhere down the line they will agree to my words.

We have enjoyed all activities –

  • Guess the object starting with the letter
  • Continue the Story, where one is asked to stop and the other has to be creative and continue the story.
  • My favorite – Incredible India. A session in the class room, where parents also learn free of cost.

We are thankful to each one you –

Vanessa Maam – We thank you sincerely, you have done many activities and outside school premises hours, we both play the same. The game of guessing something. Sharing Jokes/Listening to them, talking to them. Sometimes, we wonder, Vanessa Maam replaces his best friend.

Sujaya Maam – Thank you so much for composing each one of them. A positive mindset, discipline, and the most important thing -BEING HEALTHY. My child is really excited on every Tuesday!

Latha Maam and Aishwariya Maam – You are nourishing all kids as a mother. I mean it. And we are really blessed to have you as his teacher. Have seen you, you concentrate so much on every individual. You make sure, each child has smiling face, full of joy. We haven’t forgotten the dance you did for our kids on Children’s day. We expect the same after 11 years, during their farewell

Shweta Maam – Hats of to your patience Maam. You know, most of the students don’t have Kannada background, but you do so well. I cant write it in words. Its not easy.

Sonali Maam – Making our life little difficult. Children enjoy your class. And Vedansh wants to code from now. I don’t know how you would deal with him when you start coding with him. From now on, he understands Variables, Events, Functions. I am not to be blamed for it.

SPA Sir and faculties – Did we ever thought, this could be online? You did it. The energy level of each kid is amazing. More than that it’s your energy level. “Common guys….. One more time…. A little more perfection” – The kids repeat it. You have given them a self-confidence. You rock!

Rashmi Maam – You make me smile and I too sometimes listen to your class when I get some time. You make us remind of our teachers. When a new poetry is thought, the whole day we keep on singing the same. हमरा कोटि कोटि नमन आप को! आंखेंभरआती हैं।आप हमेंहमारेटिक्षकोंकी याद टदलातेहैं।.

I must freeze here. As parents, we know how much, each one of you have struggled to get online classes. It was not easy. We not only appreciate it, but we thank each one of you from the core of our heart.

Sometimes, it feels, you people have correctly played your part, but as parents, are we giving the child enough? We will always have this question open in our mind, it gives us motivation/energy.

Thank you Teachers and Administration

Vedansh Family!